About the LCBA

The LCBA was formally established in 1976, though lawyers and legal staff in Lane County have been getting together for years. Our principal goals, as set forth in the bylaws are:

  1. To uphold and elevate the standards of honor, integrity and courtesy in the legal profession.
  2. To increase the usefulness and efficiency of the Bar and the quality of legal services provided to the public.
  3. To advance the science of jurisprudence and promote reformation in the law.
  4. To facilitate the administration of justice.
  5. To cooperate with and assist the Oregon State Bar in all respects.
  6. To promote a spirit of mutual respect among the Association’s members.

These goals are primarily accomplished through various forums allowing members of the legal community to exchange discourse about cutting edge legal topics in specific areas of law as well as interaction with the judiciary, government representatives, and others. Membership is open to lawyers, legal educators, judges, legal staff, and others in the legal field that live, work, or practice here in Lane County.

The LCBA is run by a volunteer Board. The LCBA sponsors lunch meetings, generally the second Thursday of the month, from September to June. In addition to the informative content (usually for CLE credit), LCBA lunches may host state and federal judges, recognize 30-40-50 year members, introduce new admittees, and serve as opportunities for candidates for the judiciary or other legal positions to address our legal community.

The LCBA oversees roughly 20 committees or sections, most of which host their own monthly lunches and events. Membership in LCBA allows attendance at any of these monthly meetings, usually cost-free. Some committees also host or sponsor their own special events with opportunities for discourse and networking with others in our legal community.

The LCBA currently sponsors and organizes three major events each year – a winter holiday party (usually in early December), the annual Spring Bash (usually in May to recognize honorees for three annual awards, and the fun and family-friendly Eugene Emeralds game event (usually in August). The LCBA may also sponsor or co-sponsor other events as opportunities arise during a given year. Registration is available online for LCBA events.

Information is disseminated to our membership through a listserve and a monthly Bar News newsletter that includes information, upcoming events, and job/space listings. Any member may submit announcements to the Bar News editor. To submit an article for the Bar News, contact Laura Gibson (lgibson@thorp-purdy.com).

Our members are a collegial, dedicated bunch with a high degree of integrity and professionalism. Through the LCBA and its committees, new, solo, and small firm practitioners can find mentors and support and get to know folks that may be resources, if not friends, for years to come. Larger firms and organizations can find a host of opportunities to network, volunteer, and develop connections through sponsorship. No matter what your role in the legal world, you can find an informative CLE, a fun networking opportunity, or a chance for pro bono or volunteer service with the LCBA.